Revolution girl style now!

Cinc grups de noies (o a on les noies eren clara majoria: yeeeha!):

1. Bikini Kill.
"I always though that putting tons of reverb on my voice was kind of the equivalent of airbrushing. And I wanted other girls and women to hear a real female voice that wasn't completely manipulated" (Kathleen Hanna)

2. The Slits.
"The Slits are good. Palmolive on drums! She's the female Jerry Nolan" (Joe Strummer)

3. The Raincoats.
"He took cigarette from his pocket /
he lit cigarrette with his matches /
He blew smoke rings with the smoke /
Without looking at me.
He puts his hat onto his head / He put raincoat cos' it was raining
Oh he did have no umbrella /
And he left in the rain /
Without looking at me"
(No looking, de l'àlbum The Raincoats (1979), cançó adaptada d'un poema de Jacques Prévert)

4. Hole.
Quan Courtney Love encara no es dedicava a buscar avions desapareguts.

5. The Runaways.
"Girls have got balls. They're just a little higher up, that's all".

I les nostres protagonistes de diumenge a Caràcter, Me and the bees (power trio: Esther, Vero i Carloto, que acaben d'editar disc amb La Castanya, Mundo fatal).

(El títol del post és el primer àlbum de les Bikini Kill, a la primera foto).

 Fotos: Patricia Burrieza